OUR Story

We have invented a language-agnostic solution cinedubs – a radical new movie watching experience where we enable users to enjoy movies in their own language at a nearby theater irrespective of the language the movie is being played. This will change the movie watching experience for cinegoers and  home subscribers and will eventually help film industries and Exhibitors to substantially increase their revenues.

Today movies are confined to regional boundaries and missing out on potentially high global revenues. Movies dubbed in regional languages are not available at nearby theaters in multiple languages since distribution and releasing movies in multiple languages is a significant cost. Also single screen theaters cannot play movie in more than one language. This results in language barriers for patrons and subscribers causing lower regional viewership.

cinedubs apps remove these language barriers by allowing cinegoers to enjoy movies at a nearby theater in their preferred language using their Smartphone. Users download the movie track in their preferred language on cinedubs app & while seated inside the theater, app syncs using our patent pending audio synchronization technology with the audio from the screen.

cinedubs makes this impossible dream come true and shatters the language barrier in the society enabling families and friends to sit together and watch movies in their desired language.

OUR Mission

We are on a mission to help both movie industries as well as the movie patrons through a mobile based software application which allows people to overcome language barrier and watch movies at nearby theater in their language of choice using their smartphone.

OUR Vision

Our vision is to revolutionize movie watching experience through mobile based software application. This next generation technology will allow users to hear a movie in language of their choice at a nearby theater irrespective of the language movie is playing.

OUR Plan

Globally there are 3 billion Smartphone users which make our vision a reality. Using their Smartphone, Users download the movie track in their preferred language on cinedubs app & visit nearby theater to watch movie while hearing it through their headphones.

OUR Leadership

R Madhavan

Board Member & Global Ambassador

A renowned Actor, Director, Film producer,
Mentor and Investor

Manu Uppal

Board Member & Global Advisor

Entrepreneur, Investor, Leader, Mentor and Seasoned Sales Expert

Dushyant Kumar

Early Stage Investor & Advisor

40+ years of Experience in Leadership,
Product Management & Strategy

Aditya Kashyap

Co-founder & Managing Director

Entrepreneur, Leadership Coach, Business Maven, Strategic Thinker and Problem Solver

Vineet Kashyap

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

Entrepreneur, Investor, Startup Specialist,
Mentor and Seasoned Product Specialist

Ben Ritterbush

Advisory Board Member

X-Paramount Pictures, X-20 th Century Fox, International Film Distribution

OUR Team

Divyesh Kumar

Deepak Bisht

Rahul Sharma

Ashish Kaintura

Ansh Chanda

Kushal Ghosh