General Questions

What is cinedubs?

cinedubs is a mobile based application platform where it enables the users to hear the movie in their preferred language through headphones connected to a Smartphone irrespective of the language in which the movie is playing in front of them.

How to sign-up for cinedubs?

The cinedubs mobile app is available on both the iOS and Android mobile platforms. It can be easily downloaded from the respective app stores, Apple AppStore and Google Play. Once installed on your mobile device you can sign-up for cinedubs through any of the following:

  • Email
  • Mobile Number
  • Sign in with Facebook
  • Sign in with Google
  • Sign in with Apple (only for iOS device)

How does cinedubs work?

Once you have signed-up with cinedubs, you can easily download the respective movie you want to hear by selecting that movie and Theater with the showtime (if watching in a theatre) or only selecting that movie (if watching using movie on demand). Select your preferred language and the movie audio will be downloading on your phone. Once you are seated inside the theater or ready for movie on demand, plug-in your favourite pair of headphones and click on the “Play” icon appearing on movie poster on movie detail screen or on the Download tab and start listening movie in your language while watching it in front of you.


Some movies are not showing up?

We are trying our best to get as many movies as possible with as many languages as possible. This may take some time and in the future we will definitely have many more options.

How many languages are available in a movie?

We try our best to show as many languages that are available for a movie on our app. Also it depends on the production house which controls the list of languages for the movie to be available.

Which languages does cinedubs app support?

We currently support 10 languages in the cinedubs app which are English, Hindi, Marathi, Bangla, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Traditional Chinese and Arabic. In future, we will add more languages.

Does cinedubs only work in theatres?

Depending on the content license granted to cinedubs, the movies are divided under two categories on cinedubs app which are “Movies in Theatres” and “Movies on Demand”. “Movies in Theatres” shows the list of movies which can only be watched in a theatre while “Movies on Demand” will show the list of movies which can be watched anywhere including your home.

Does cinedubs charge for this service?

Currently cinedubs is free to download and use. In future this may change but we will update you with this information well in advance.

Why does it ask for location & microphone access?

The cinedubs app uses your location to curate a special list of movies and theatres with showtimes that are available in your area. Also for security reason, cinedubs needs to make sure if you are watching a movie in the theatre. Microphone access is required for the app to listen to the movie and play it in your preferred language.

Is headphones necessary?

Yes. To use cinedubs, headphones are compulsory. The movie won’t play until you have plugged in a pair of headphones. The cinedubs app supports both wired and bluetooth wireless headphones.

Movie not downloading?

Please make sure your phone has a working internet connection which is needed to download movie audio in your preferred language.

Downloaded a wrong movie or incorrect language?


If the movie is still downloading, you can cancel the download by clicking the “cross” button on the movie poster. If you have accidentally downloaded the wrong movie or not the language you wanted, you can simply go to the Download tab where it will show up under the list of downloaded movies. Whichever movie you want to delete, you can delete it by clicking the “trash bin” button.

Need help with the app?

If you need any help with the app, cinedubs has a “Help” section on the More tab. There you can see Tutorials, FAQs and Contact Us.

Cannot hear the movie?

Please make sure your headphones are correctly connected. The movie does not play if they are not connected. Check your volume level, by clicking on volume button or using the volume slider on the player.

Missed a part of the movie?

The cinedubs app is capable of playing a movie from anywhere in between. Just click the play button and it will automatically start playing the movie from that time.

Pausing a movie?

You cannot pause a movie. You can stop the movie playback. But to play it again you need to click the play button.

Movie got deleted?

Once the movie playback is completed, that movie will automatically get deleted due to security reason.

How to report about copyright?

If you find any copyright related issues please contact us at with the related subject and detail information about it.

How to contact us?

For any requests, comments and questions regarding cinedubs app & services should be addressed to