How to delete my account

Deleting the account will result in your mobile number, email address, and profile name being deleted from the platform and makes all other attributes related to your cinedubs account anonymous so it is no longer associated with your phone number.
Note: Account deletion is a permanent action. If you have an active subscription and you choose to delete your account, you will not be able to use your subscription to watch the content on cinedubs.
If you still want to delete your account from the cinedubs platform, please follow the steps below:
iOS / Android app:
  • Log in to your cinedubs account
  • Go To ‘More’ (bottom right of the screen) > Manage Profile
  • Click on ‘click here’ (bottom on the screen) to Delete Account
  • Select the reason
  • ‘Are you sure’ Pop up will be come. Click on Yes to submit the account deletion.
  • Your account deletion will be completed in few days​
  • Log in to account with your phone number or email and OTP
  • Select the reason and click on Delete button
Things to note before deleting your account:
  1. Your subscription won’t be cancelled if you pay for cinedubs through Apple In-App purchase or Google In-App purchase via our local partners. Please cancel your subscription outside the cinedubs platform with the respective parties and then delete your account.
  2. Account deletion will take few days.
  3. Once the account is deleted, you will not be able to recover it.