Samantha Ruth Prabhu is super excited. After all, her film Shaakuntalam is releasing tomorrow, April 14. From conducting “Ask Me” sessions on Twitter to attending events, Samantha is doing it all and how. Now, she has shared a picture paying tribute to all the actresses who have played Shakuntala in the past. The collages feature actresses Dorothy Kingdon, K.R. Vijaya, MS Subbulakshmi, B  Saroja Devi, Jayashree, Anita, Sandhya, Jayshree, and Surabhi Kamala Bai as Shakuntala. The collage also features Samantha’s character in the film. The text on it read, “Shakuntalas on celluloid.” For the caption, Samantha wrote, “It has truly been the greatest honour. #Shakuntala #Shaakuntalam is yours from tomorrow.” She plays the titular role in the Gunasekhar-directed film, which is based on the great poet Kalidasa’s play Abhijnanashakuntalam.

Before this, Samantha Ruth Prabhu spoke about the five crazy things about Shaakuntalam. In the video, she revealed, “I have a flower allergy but had to wear flower ornaments on my arms and on my neck. I shot all day with no complaints. And then in the evening when I took it out, the imprint of the flowers was all over my arm. I had, like, a flower tattoo on my arm for six months. I thought it was permanent because no one was able to fix it. So, I would put makeup on top of that for like, six months and then finally it went away. So, yeah, crazy.” For the next thing, she added, “ “I dubbed for three languages in the movie. I really don’t know how other actors do it. My gosh, it is tough. I was saying the dialogue in my sleep. I hope I’ve done a good enough job.”  The actress also added that she “got bit by a rabbit on the sets.” 

Sharing the video on Instagram, the actress wrote: “Wanna know 5 crazy things about Shaakuntalam?”

 Shaakuntalam also stars Dev Mohan in a crucial role. Gautami, Madhoo, Aditi Balan and Allu Arjun’s daughter Allu Arha are part of the film. 

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