We are a software product company which specializes in mobile application based entertainment platforms. We are currently working towards a next generation technology which has the ability to revolutionize the user experience while watching movies. It enables the users to hear the movie in their preferred language using a smartphone irrespective of the language in which the movie is playing in front of them.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to help both movie industries as well as the movie patrons through a mobile based software platform which allows people to overcome language barrier and watch movies in their language of choice.

Our Vision

Our vision is to revolutionize watching movies experience through mobile based software platform. This next generation technology will allow users to hear movies in language of their choice while sitting anywhere.

Our Plan

Now smartphones are everywhere so we can make our vision a reality. We have come up with apps based platform which will allow users to select their preferred language while watching movies @theater or sitting anywhere.


Aditya Kashyap

Co-Founder & MD

Vineet Kashyap

Co-Founder & CEO

Divyesh Kumar

Product Manager

Pawan Kumar

Tech Architect

Deepak bisht

Sr. Software Engineer

Rahul Sharma

Sr. Software Engineer

Ashish Kaintura

Sr. Software Engineer

Ansh Chanda

Software Engineer