On the latest post of veteran actor Zeenat Aman, director Farhan Akhtar commented, “Your posts are the best…there’s always a story.” Well, we cannot agree more. Zeenat Aman keeps her Instagram followers entertained with anecdotes from her shooting days and in her new post, she did nothing different. In yet another intriguing tale from her golden days, Zeenat Aman recalled the time a gentleman tried to woo her by leaving a gift on her makeup table. The Satyam Shivam Sundaram actress began her post with a disclaimer as she chose to keep the timeline or details of the incident a secret to avoid unwarranted speculations. She wrote, “A titbit from a makeup room many years ago. I won’t mention the time or place because it will stoke unwanted speculation, but I can share that I was in the radiance of youth.”

What followed next was the unravelling of a lovely story. Zeenat Aman’s post read, ” We had wrapped for the day, and I had returned to my tiny makeup room. Along with the usual clutter of Max Factor tubes and jars, I found a sizeable ribboned box on my table. The card simply bore my name, with no clue as to the sender. My curiosity was piqued. I unlaced the bow and opened the box to find another smaller box within it, and then yet another and another and another, all nested like Russian dolls. The last box had some weight to it. I popped it open and in it lay a tennis ball like some oversized neon pearl. Stuck to it was a handwritten note – the ball’s in your court.”

Revealing that she did not entertain the request despite the grand gesture, Zeenat Aman wrote, “Who doesn’t enjoy the charm and a grand gesture? Though I, unfortunately, didn’t give the sender the pleasure of my company on a date, I was plenty tickled and flattered by his creativity! Your turn. Share a grand gesture that you’ve received in the comments.”

This is what the actress posted:

A few days back, Zeenat Aman dropped two images, both featuring her alongside superstar Dharmendra. While the first image has Dharmendra dressed in a gown and Zeenat Aman in a cowboy-inspired look, the second image has them in blingy costumes. Sharing the images, Zeenat Aman also offered us context in the form of an anecdote. In her caption, she wrote, “Some personal opinions, two throwback images, and an anecdote… catalysed by the discovery of these pictures yesterday!”

About Dharmendra, Zeenat Aman said, “Of the many actors I had the privilege of being a co-star to, Dharm ji was a favourite. Yes, he was strikingly handsome, but more importantly he was a down-to-earth gentleman. There were no pretences or airs about him, and that made me feel most comfortable on set. Dharm ji and I starred in several films together, including the international heist Shalimar. If you recall, I previously shared that this film was simultaneously shot in English and Hindi to cater to both audiences. Well, Dharm ji required assistance with his English dialogues and I required help with my Hindi. And so, post the daily shoot you would find each of us with our respective tutors, studiously running our lines for hours!”

“These pictures aren’t from Shalimar though,” Zeenat Aman explained, adding, “The first picture here is from the song Saare Bazaar Karenge Pyar from the film Kaatilon Ke Kaatil. It’s an excellent number, with a full-fledged gender role reversal! I posted this image first because I think people should have the right to dress as they please, without being threatened or assaulted. Perhaps the picturization of the song was meant to be comical, but its message is clear – Dikha De Hum Mohabbat Mei Hai Kitna Dum. Duniya Manegi Manegi Manegi Mohabbat Aisi Hoti Hai.”

About the other image, Zeenat Aman said, “The second picture is from the film Jagir. And I chose it because our look was sizzling in this number. I had on a glittering silver jumpsuit and Dharm ji had a matching one in black leather! The song is called Naya Naya Hota Hain Purana Purana, which could be quite a good heading for an essay about my Instagram debut. Have a wonderful day, everyone.”

See the post below:

Zeenat Aman is best known for her work in films such as Satyam Shivam Sundaram, Don, Yaadon Ki Baraat, and Hare Rama Hare Krishna, among others. 

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